From the Superintendent


Spring Weeds

Late winter and early spring saw excellent control of annual bluegrass (poa annua) in and around the green complexes.

Broad leaf weed emergence was significant, thus a post emerge was conducted on tees and fairways. After a few weeks of bronzed bermuda we were happy with the results.


'Big Green' and 'Lil Red'

Our new super Carey and mechanic Tommy decided to revive and older Jacobsen triplex mower with low hours. It hadn't been used for many years. They nick named her 'Lil Red'. It delivers a tighter, more precise cut at .475" on tees and green collars with a lighter footprint on smooth tires.. 'Big Green', our fairway mower, just does fairways now as its designed.


Lean vs Lush

Incorporation of sulphur coated fertilizer to lower greens pH has seen an explosion of growth. Lower mow heights, vertical mowing, top dressing and growth regulators will be the courses of action while we seek out optimum soil pH. Our tifeagle had no issues with a .130" hoc.



Since original assessment our team aims to bring forward more definition on the golf course. As pictured here there is no doubt which turf is fairway and which is rough. Disciplined mow schedules, sharp and adjusted mow equipment along with vigorous turf grass health and vitality all play a part.


Pre vs Post

The Fall of 2017 reflects relatively clean putting surfaces, approaches, fairways and tee boxes. The club leadership decided to stay ahead of those species that creep up when the season changes, in particular poa annua. An extensive app was done as a result.